• Feeder/Feeder Breaker

    The Cogar Feeder Breaker is a heavy duty machine designed to receive mined material from a haulage vehicle, crush that material to a normal size, and discharge onto a belt conveyor for conveyance to the outside without damage to the belt. This is done in an efficient manner  that allows the haulage machine to discharge rapidly and return with another load.
    • Heavy duty final drive
    • Planetary reducer mounted within frame for protection, and equipped with removable drive gear to provide true "free-wheeling" capability
    • Forged 20" pads designed to allow end user to only stock one type of replacement pad
    • Reducer and drive sprocket are removable with little disassembly required
    • Heavy duty sealed bearing idler with integrated cylinder operated take-up that locks in place with mechanical shims
    • Dual tooth drive sprocket splits load and increases sprocket life