• Cogar Manufacturing Equipment
  • Cogar Manufacturing Equipment

Cogar manufacturing offers a patented coke dewatering system, along with an array of crushing and material handling systems. Each system is engineered to fit the needs of our customer. Cogar currently has three basic systems: Single drum, Multi-drum, and Coke pit systems. These systems are offered in rail, crawler, or stationary configurations. Each system has been designed to dewater, contain, and decrease the cost of reclaiming the material while also protecting the water pump system. It then crushes the coke to a manageable size, and conveys the coke from point A to point B in as little as four hours per cut cycle while conquering safety and environmental issues along the way. Generally, during the cut cycle, the water along with the coke is discharged into the Cogar unit where the majority of the water is diverted to the pit while the coke is conveyed through a pick breaker to reduce the product to a manageable size. The dewatered coke is then discharged into stage two of the system. During stage two the customer has the option to either size and convey the product or simply convey the product to its destination. Sizing the product in stage two will reduce the material to spec size while further dewatering the product. Conveying the product in stage two will also further dewater the product and allows our customer to discharge to a desired location whether it be to ground, truck or railcar, etc.


  • Eliminates personnel from being under coking drums
  • Recovers up to 98% of coke without additional handling
  • Reduced clean up time of pit area
  • Reduces spillage from blowouts due to stopped up drums
  • Protects sump pump system
  • Eliminates water during transportation
  • Systems capable of reducing product moisture to 10%
  • Low maintenance cost systems
  • Saves money